State Immunity Laws - District of Columbia

Charitable Immunity abolished. Georgetown College v. Hughes, 76 U.S. App. D.C. 123, 130 F.2d. 810 (1942).
Volunteer Protection Statutes

Volunteers and directors of stipulated non-profits are immune from civil liability. Health care providers working in free clinics are not liable in civil damages for the care they provide. Free clinics that cannot afford insurance and their volunteers can be a part of a government indemnification program. Civil defense volunteers are not liable for civil damages.

D.C. Code 29-599.15, Non-profit volunteers
Any person who serves in good faith as a volunteer, including an officer, director, trustee or any person who performs uncompensated services for the organization, is immune from civil liability for acts and omissions within the scope of duty.
Exceptions: willful misconduct, criminal conduct, or a transaction that resulted in an improper benefit to the volunteer. This immunity applies only if the non-profit corporation maintains liability insurance with a limit of coverage not less than $200,000 per individual claim and $500,000 per total claim that arise from the same transaction.

D.C. Code 2-1345, Health care volunteers
A licensed physician, registered nurse or certified midwife providing medical care at or on behalf of a free clinic is not liable in civil damages for an act or omission in the course of rendering care.
Exceptions: the act or omission is an intentional wrong or manifests a willful or wanton disregard for health or safety.
The health care provider must require the prospective patient to sign a written statement agreeing to the rendering of care.

D.C. Code 1-308.2, Free clinics
A free clinic and volunteer service providers, unable to purchase insurance, that are a part of the District government indemnification program are considered employees of the District government for indemnification purposes.

D.C. Code 6-1406, Civil defense volunteer
A volunteer agency or volunteer worker engaged in civil defense activity is not liable to any person for death, injury, or property damage resulting from acts or omissions of the volunteer.
Exceptions: willful misconduct or gross negligence.